Why Silicone Spatulas are Superior

Why Silicone Spatulas are Superior

Wooden spatulas have graced our grandmothers' kitchens for decades, but these come with a certain set of challenges. Although sturdy, clean-up can be incredibly difficult if, God forbid, you forget to let them soak. Cooking with spices or masala can stain its wooden exterior, leaving behind stains or scents that are impossible to remove. Maintenance is just as much a chore—hot water can strip off its oils, eventually necessitating a recoat.

 At UTNSL, we craft all our cookware with care, bringing you the highest quality with the most affordability. And our spatulas are no different. Made from food-grade heat-resistant silicon, they are built to last the test of time. Say goodbye to the days spent scraping off leftovers or scrubbing your wooden spoons. With UTNSL's silicone spatulas, you'll mix, blend, and stir with ease. This humble, all-purpose silicone spatula withstands an incredible temperature range, both hot and cold. We have secured US FDA and CE certification to ensure and maintain the quality.

 Silicone spatulas combine the durability of wood with the convenience of easy cleaning, thanks to its non-stick surface. No more flaking or chipping, our spatulas are the perfect addition to any range or type of cookware.

 All our products are designed, assembled and produced in India. As proud proponents of the Make in India initiative, UTNSL believes in giving back to our country's economy.

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